We specialize in custom hydrogrpahics and powder coating. We offer a large selection of hydro films to work with and powder and candy coating. 

We provide superior water transfer printing, processing for the automotive industry, and for everyday personal items. We can customize anything from Motorcycle and car parts to gun stocks and cups. Our surface coating is extremely durable and will make your Project one of a kind.

Let us dip your stuff!

  • Small trash cans
  • Game console and controllers
  • Dashboards Automotive trim Engine covers Cups & Coolers
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Outlet and Light switch covers Rims & other accessories

Additionally, we offer powder coating, candy coating, cerakote, and sandblasting. Check our services page for more information and details about all of the services we offer.

Koated Metal & Graphics Columbus, Ohio powder coating and hydrographics.


Your creations

We aim to bring your creations to you with absolute perfection. From design to completion we aim to give you a great experience. Our team is proudly TWN and Powder-X Certified and strives to bring you the best possible experience.

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