Powder Coating


Powder coating is the process of applying dry paint powders to metal via electrostatic attraction.  This process is very popular in the automotive industry due to it’s incredible durability. Powder coated parts retain their shine and color for many years and have superior rust resistance.

We can powder coat just about anything that is metal from garden tools, such as gardening hoes, shovels, or picks to auto parts such as brake calipers, exhaust pipes, or rims. We can also apply different shines and levels of heat protection through a processes such as cerakote.

Some benefits of Powder coating include:

  • Superior durability
  • High quality shine
  • Heat, rust, and UV resistance
  • Nearly unlimited color choices

We offer a large selection of colors and are happy to help you pick. Our technicians are proudly Powder-X certified and ready to handle your orders, get in contact with us today so we can help you add a new look and years of durability to your metals.

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Prismatic Powders


MX-5 RF with custom powder coated wheels columbus, ohio


Our powder coating process requires attention to detail and a well trained technician to ensure we get every part perfect, the way you expect it.

Powder coating paint chips columbus oh

Pick your color(s)

The first step is to work with you to decide what color(s) you want on  your item and decide on any design work you may need. Next you can choose the finish type and even a hydrographics design to top off the powder coating.


Next we get to cleaning. This includes sandblasting and sanding your part to make sure there is nothing to stop your powder coat from adhering perfectly. This is the most crucial step as it will ensure your custom design and powder coat will last for years to come.

Clean and partially powder coated engine block koated metal & graphics

Powder Coating

Next we apply your powder coat and prepare it to be baked on. During this step we pay close attention to detail to make sure you finished product looks great and lasts.


Finally we bake on the powder coat to finish the job. This ensures the powder permanently adheres to your metal parts and prepares them for any optional hydrographic designs you may desire.

Oven burner with open flames


All powder coating projects can be topped with a custom hydrographics design. Take a look at some of our favorite projects or browse our hydrographic film collection for some ideas.

Koated Powder Coating Projects

Take a look at some of our favorite powder coating jobs.